Our Process

Fisher Drafting+Design’s client-centric focus helps you realize your vision and design a project that is an extension of you – whether that be your home or business. We want to help you create a space that is tailored to the way you live. Instead of just drawing blueprints and looking at a plan from bird’s eye view, we design from a personal scale. This means designing with a mind to how each area will be used, what you see, and how you feel as you walk through and live or work in the space.

Services We offer:

  • Full Custom Design – Residential & Commercial
  • Semi-custom Design – Editing an existing plan
  • Rendering
  • Drafting – Create plans and construction documents

Step One: Initial Design Meeting
Each project starts with a design meeting between the client and Fisher Drafting+Design. Typically, this takes place where the project is or will be located. This helps to conceptualize the project in it’s space, make connections to the surrounding area and any views, and get an idea about how to best lay out the project to take advantage of what the site has to offer. In this meeting, the client provides as much information as they can regarding what they need and want from the project.

Step Two: Initial Design
After the initial design meeting, we begin design based upon the information received and concepts talked about in that meeting. This typically includes a floor plan, a front elevation, and a few options or tweaks to the plan to allow you to choose which direction you’d like to go.

Step Three: Refine Design

After the initial design, we will meet again to go over the plans and discuss what you like and do not like about them. I will provide you with a copy of this initial set of conceptual plans so that you may take them home and continue to look over them more thoroughly for a few days.

Once a list of changes is finalized, we begin work on the revisions discussed and requested. This step is repeated until we’ve finalized design.

Step Four: Final Drawings
Once we’ve reached a final design, we prepare detailed drawings from which your contractor can get a building permit, as well as determine the cost to build your project.